“what doesn’t defeat us makes us stronger”

Every successful business relies upon its own share of good fortune.  The strongest business models will usually include a strategy for dealing with the pitfalls associated with its particular trade or market sector but, for those “known unknown” problems that can’t be anticipated or predicted, all of us rely upon ingenuity, resilience and a fair share of good luck to succeed regardless of what is thrown in the path.

Seeking professional advice at an early stage is one of the keys to surviving a business crisis.  Talking to your accountant is a good first step but, to obtain a perspective from someone who is likely to have seen and helped to deal with a similar problem before, speaking to a Business Recovery specialist will always help.

It is a fact that the earlier we are involved in any situation then the more likely it will be that you will achieve the outcome you hope for.  Together we can help you plan a route around the problem and set your business and your life back on the road to recovery and future success.

We don’t claim to have all of the answers but we do have the necessary expertise, tools and professional relationships to share with you and look to restore the health of your business.  Working only with other professionals who have similar values, if the solution to your problem requires finance, accounting, legal, marketing or other key elements, then we can help you choose trusted providers that will make the effort to understand your needs and help to achieve your goals.

Sometimes, when things get really tough, it can be the right decision to consider making a fresh start.  Handled correctly, the process of closing your company may just be a step on the way towards improving your future, using the experience to help make your business more resilient.  An experienced Insolvency Practitioner and Business Recovery Specialist from the team at Poppleton & Appleby will work with you and your usual advisors to create the best environment for your future success.

At Poppleton & Appleby we don’t view Insolvency as the end of business life, for some it is an unfortunate diversion in the journey but it doesn’t have to be a dead-end.  The things that cause a business to falter are too many to list but, when there is no alternative, whatever formal insolvency process is required we work hard to make the experience as positive as possible.

Insolvency advice is only part of the story with Poppleton & Appleby.

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