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What does the election outcome mean for business?

There has undoubtedly been a seismic change in the UK political landscape, but I doubt that economic impact will be as significant or lasting.  In the Brexit journey, we still have many hurdles to cross, and if we believe that it is the single most significant event impacting the UK's economic stability, we are fooling ourselves. 

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British Steel’s Decline

If you like things Retro it’s difficult to see what else to add to the mix in the UK Economy at the moment other than double-digit interest rates and no membership of the European Union if you fancy a taste of the 1970s. Not since the time of the Conservative government of the mid-1970s have we had such a heady mix of political turmoil, party-political in-fighting, European dis-harmony and economic disruption. The sad news today of British Steel’s decline into insolvency was an ever-present theme of the late 20th Century and the blame squarely placed on the rise of the [...]

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Peer to Peer Lending

Peer to Peer lending can take a variety of forms but it is basically a mechanism for those with accessible wealth to lend to others with less accessible wealth.  The lenders may look like a bank, they may look like a syndicate or they may be individuals but essentially, they act like a bank (without the clearing or cashiering function) and without the same regulatory framework.

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Mental Health and Debt

According to The Money Saving Expert’s guide to mental health and debt 40% of people who have had mental health problems also have severe or crisis debts. Often, the reason that people get into debt is not due to careless spending, it is due to lifestyle reasons such as not having enough income to cover outgoings, struggling to organise finances, and major life changes such as losing your job or losing a loved one. Although very common, the link between debt and mental health is not often discussed. Just as debt can lead to issues with mental health, existing mental health [...]

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